The data above, collected by Huntington Memorial Hospital's Quality Assurance Department, represents a sampled portion of both spinal and cranial patients treated by Dr. Fineman at Huntington Hospital over the specified periods of time.
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You have made such a difference during a difficult time in my life, and, I’m sure, in many others. Thank you for your helpfulness, patience, professionalism and compassion. Please know that you are appreciated. You have earned an A+in my gradebook!


Just wanted to formally thank Dr. Fineman, Jennifer and the entire staff at Raymond Neurosurgical Medical Group for the wonderful treatment I have received from you! Before I initially saw Dr. Fineman after being diagnosed with a meningioma, I was worried about what the diagnosis meant, and concerned about what type of treatment I would need to undergo. During our first consultation, Dr. Fineman immediately put my mind at ease by taking his time to explain the various findings on my MRI, and to address each of my concerns one by one. Everyone at RNMG is absolutely professional and showed the utmost care, concern and respect.

My care at Huntington Hospital after my surgery was second to none. As Dr. Fineman’s patient, I was attended to by caring and knowledgeable nurses and staff, which I appreciated. After my release from the hospital, I had some odd symptoms, which prompted me to call the office, or e-mail Jennifer. All of my contacts were returned right away, no matter what day or hour. My issues were resolved quickly, because the response to each of my concerns was so immediate.

Though I still am a bit apprehensive that my condition could recur, or that another condition that we discovered could get worse, I know that I could not be in better hands than I am with Dr. Fineman and his caring team of professionals. Thank you to each of you for making this experience so comfortable for me.

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